We are complete

When I decided to get back in to this rc madness again, I did so with the intent of focusing on bashing. 

Bashing means a lot of different things to people. To me bashing means 2 things. Anything other than organized racing. And pushing the limits of your ride. 

But since I’ve been back there has been something missing. Something that has also been part of my definition of bashing. Something missing that I’ve had my entire rc life. 

But I fixed that last night. 

A Traxxas. I haven’t even taken it outside yet, but just looking under the hood at the long familiar set up makes me feel complete. 

Oh the things I am going to do to this poor truck… 


Just an update on the shock change on the Everest 10

I drastically changed the shock orientation to stand straight up hoping that would help with the chassis twisting. But I also changed to these Axial shocks which are far shorter. 

They did fit perfectly as I wanted them. But they are sooooo light in dampening and spring rate I think they made it worse. 

So I put the stock shocks back in.

Crazy tall. Waaaay to tall. But almost no torque twist at all. 

So it seems I just need stiffer, shorter shocks. I might have some lying around or I could put some heavier weight oil in those axial ones. 
Next on this truck is to find a way to dial out some of the wicked drag brake. 

Chassis extensions

Got started on the E10 last night. I wanted to add some longer ends to the chassis in order to get the shocks to stand up better. Hope fully this will soak up some of the horrendous twist. 

A $3 peice of aluminum stock did the trick.  I didnt go out as far as others I’ve seen so didn’t see the need for  cross braces,, yet. 

I thru on the Axial Deadbolt shocks that I just took off the pull truck.  These are considered shorter, but because of the geometry,  they feel like they have the same amount of travel.  

Only thing left is to add some body mounts so the old pea green Deadbolt body can go on an we are set. I don’t remember these shocks being as soft as they are. They might need an oil adjustment too. Right now they almost feel like Tamiya friction shocks

Motor change

The Deadbolt did very well its first time out pulling.  But it was very obviously under powered. 

Rules say we can run up to 3800kv brushless. Way more snot than my 35t. Well maybe not snot.  Way more wheel speed once we get moving. And that’s what I was lookin for.  

This seemed to be the flavor of choice.  4 pole 3800. 

Also put in metal gears. 

First time out on the lanes with it. We had some major hopping.  I didn’t do any adjustments to ratio or the esc programming. And we just had to much punch.  The wheels were just to fast. 

So the next run I dropped a few teeth on pinion. Swapped out to a lower 25C battery(don’t think that mattered) And kept a light touch on the throttle until we got moving. 

Ended up getting full pulls and taking my first first! 

But still need to gear down or reduce the take off speed. Oh and put on new spur.  We chewed it up. After I changed pinion.  May have been bad mesh.  But it’s only in one spot. So might be looking at motor plate flex. 

Will look at options this week

E10 first mods and run

I finally got a chance to get wrenching on the Redcat Everest 10. Getting in there,  it really feels like a solid built truck.  A few things are iffy.  Like the all Phillips head bolts, but for the most part it’s built good. 

I got the new Duratrax Showdowns put on the stock bead locks and they look huge!  And way softer than the stock ones. 

Then I moved everything over to the integy cage.  

While it looked great, and bolted right on, it seemed just too open for my tastes. So I put everything back on the original chassis. 

Was the perfect time to swap out the solid diffs. This took literally 5 minutes per axle.

Got the body lowered a bit by moving the electronics around and re drilling mounting holes.  Then finally got to take its first run. 

Oh and I put in a 27t axial motor.  Plenty of torque and speed for it.  But wow..  Chassis twist. This needs to be fixed like next. 

I got some ideas. A chassis mod to get those crazy angled shocks to stand up straight.  

So far I like it.  Can sure get up over stuff. 

The E-10

Coming up on vacation and I’ve finished the pull truck mods (for now). I almost pulled the trigger on another vehicle. But I could decide between a Tamiya Unimog, a Gmade Saw back,  or the damn 4×4 Slash that keeps whispering to me.

So I chose none of the above.

Instead I decided to get the Everest 10 up and ready,  since I got it a couple of months ago but haven’t even put a battery in it.

First things I need to do is put in the solid diffs.  The stock ones apparently are junk. But Redcat has these replacements

Then I was all set to make some different frame rails so I could lower the body and change the shock portion,  but,,  I “accidentally” picked up this  comp crawler frame

Along with a set of Duratrax Showdowns. These are some big ass tires.  Hopefully I can get out with it this weekend.