Out of the Box 

(from August 2016)

Over the weekend everything that I had ordered came in!

And of course it was a weekend that I am busier than hell, but I did manage to get everything unboxed and ready to go.

I’ll be the first one to say that soldering is a talent that goes away from you quite quickly. Yeesh. I remembered after all the swearing that I was going to use Traxxas instead of Deans. But its all good.

For the last week I have been driving around looking for some areas around Green Bay to bash on. If I still had the Stampede fleet there would be no problem, but anything to climb.. not so much. 

But I went down by the river next to Titletown Brewing where they have an area where they are dumping the construction rocks and old pavement and it was pretty good.

I know there are a million reviews out there, and first time thoughts on this Deadbolt, but I might as well give mine.

1- Runtime. I’m from back in the 10 minutes tops era. This hour plus is like a weird dream where I keep expecting to wake up. 

2- Tippy. Holy crap. I swear every blade of grass would flip this thing over. If it even rolls to one side a little bit.. its over. But now I blame this mostly on driver, as by the end of the run everything was much better.

3. Steering. Holy bejeebus I need to get some decent steering linkage. No it didn’t break but everything under there is like wet noodles. This is going to be the first thing I order.

4. Front end spin. I guess moving the battery to the front is mandatory.

5. Motor. Just too much speed. I’ll look at a 35t first. Looks like most people say the 55t with 2S is too slow.

Other than those minor things, I loved it. Cant wait to find some more spots and get back out there.


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