So I’ve decided to get back into RC. Been out of the loops a few years now. Long story, short.. I raced and bashed RC for 20+ years. Abruptly got out of it. Sold or junked everything I owned, (which I knew was a dumb move because holy crap, did I have a lot of stuff) Now of course, I want back in.

I have been doing some looking online and getting the feels of the landscape. And surprisingly, it seems that the “local” RC scene has changed. And possibly in a good way.

Years back, if you were into RC in the N.E. Wisconsin area, you were a racer. Be it offroad, indoor carpet, outdoor pavement. You bought an RC to race league with. No one, or very few, did any real bashing. Which always seemed weird to me, because there were tons of Stampedes, Rustlers around. But even those were modded out to run carpet or parking lot oval! (Its was a very popular class) 

But today, it really does seem like RC has finally moved to casual mode. Crawling, Trailing. Even the making of Crawling videos seems to be an extreme sport now.

And this slower, drive for hours at a time, field tripping, hiking thru the woods, all season RC style is what I have always wanted to do, and is what has drawn me back in.

I did thankfully, keep my tools. 


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