‚ÄčIts the snow edition. 

We happened to get about a foot of snow Saturday morning. No big deal for us in Wisconsin. 
I got some batteries charging, while clearing the driveway to get some morning driving in.

I was curious as to how the scx10 was gonna handle deep fluffy snow with those skinny tires. And pretty much was exactly like I thought. It just sank right in and would get hung up on the frame.

And its crawling speed just wasn’t giving me the thrills that one expect from a winter snow run.

So we brought out the Blackout XTE. This would be a blast, but still not sure about their waterproof claim, as we shorted out once already in a puddle. But, we will find out.

Now this is what I was expecting. High speed drifting, snow flying everywhere! Really need to bitter tires or something,, but much more exciting.
Still was worried about the electronics,, but never had so much as a stutter, even with being packed with snow.

Going fabricate a cover or something tonight, as we have another storm coming next weekend. 
Thing is though,, while this Redcat Blackout is a great truck,, it makes me miss the Stampede on days like this…


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