The change over

Now that I have an idea for the pull crawler,  let’s see if we can make it happen. 

First thing a puller needs is a hitch of some kind. The prices seemed a little steep so I’ll just make one.  

I went with a 4 link type for stability. Just used stuff I had laying around..  But any piece of square tubing that fits between the frame should work.  A couple of rod ends with the ball swivels bolted to the rear servo mount hold the bottom. 

And I replace the rear shocks with some Traxxas tie rods I had.  It looked kinda funny thru the wheelwells with just a rod there so I added some old springs. 

Added a metal link kit next. Keeping the 12.0 wheelbase. 

Since the truck was starting a new role I figured I needed a new body as well. 

Went with the Jeep Nukizer. 


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