Time to hitch it up

This winter has changed the direction I was heading with my 2nd run of the RC bug. I was focusing on crawling, But the thing about RC today, is that it seems like all of the things I wanted to do 10-20 years ago, are now happening, and not just happening, but popular.

This whole crawling/bashing/trail truckin thing was something we did on our own. But if we tried getting a group together to just drive on rocks and jump shit,, they would have thought we were nuts. No one was gonna spend all that money on a truck, then destroy it out in a swamp. But now,, it the thing to be doing.

And now. Truck pulls. We would have given our left nut to have an RC pull club anywhere near us! Now there is, and you can bet your sweet bippy I’m in. For the foreseeable future I’m gonna be throwing all my availible car resources at building a puller.

What kind? Well this is where the plot thickens…. Stay tuned. 


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