E10 first mods and run

I finally got a chance to get wrenching on the Redcat Everest 10. Getting in there,  it really feels like a solid built truck.  A few things are iffy.  Like the all Phillips head bolts, but for the most part it’s built good. 

I got the new Duratrax Showdowns put on the stock bead locks and they look huge!  And way softer than the stock ones. 

Then I moved everything over to the integy cage.  

While it looked great, and bolted right on, it seemed just too open for my tastes. So I put everything back on the original chassis. 

Was the perfect time to swap out the solid diffs. This took literally 5 minutes per axle.

Got the body lowered a bit by moving the electronics around and re drilling mounting holes.  Then finally got to take its first run. 

Oh and I put in a 27t axial motor.  Plenty of torque and speed for it.  But wow..  Chassis twist. This needs to be fixed like next. 

I got some ideas. A chassis mod to get those crazy angled shocks to stand up straight.  

So far I like it.  Can sure get up over stuff. 


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