Motor change

The Deadbolt did very well its first time out pulling.  But it was very obviously under powered. 

Rules say we can run up to 3800kv brushless. Way more snot than my 35t. Well maybe not snot.  Way more wheel speed once we get moving. And that’s what I was lookin for.  

This seemed to be the flavor of choice.  4 pole 3800. 

Also put in metal gears. 

First time out on the lanes with it. We had some major hopping.  I didn’t do any adjustments to ratio or the esc programming. And we just had to much punch.  The wheels were just to fast. 

So the next run I dropped a few teeth on pinion. Swapped out to a lower 25C battery(don’t think that mattered) And kept a light touch on the throttle until we got moving. 

Ended up getting full pulls and taking my first first! 

But still need to gear down or reduce the take off speed. Oh and put on new spur.  We chewed it up. After I changed pinion.  May have been bad mesh.  But it’s only in one spot. So might be looking at motor plate flex. 

Will look at options this week


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