The E-10

Coming up on vacation and I’ve finished the pull truck mods (for now). I almost pulled the trigger on another vehicle. But I could decide between a Tamiya Unimog, a Gmade Saw back,  or the damn 4×4 Slash that keeps whispering to me.

So I chose none of the above.

Instead I decided to get the Everest 10 up and ready,  since I got it a couple of months ago but haven’t even put a battery in it.

First things I need to do is put in the solid diffs.  The stock ones apparently are junk. But Redcat has these replacements

Then I was all set to make some different frame rails so I could lower the body and change the shock portion,  but,,  I “accidentally” picked up this  comp crawler frame

Along with a set of Duratrax Showdowns. These are some big ass tires.  Hopefully I can get out with it this weekend.