Had time to get a couple of the vehicles out this weekend. The gkids wanted to take the Slash and Blackout. So charged up a couple packs each and off we went. 

For the most part they missed the trees, but one tree that was right in the middle of everything took some serious hits. But after 5 or 6 head on shots the tree won out. 

Yes the Blackout may be busted up badly, but it took ALOT to do it. Ah well. They make parts everyday… 

The Slash was also on its maiden voyage. While not as fast as the Blackout,, I certainly realized I miss the 2wd action. 

And battery.. I was running 2s 5000’s. The Slash was getting 45 minutes on a pack. Being from the 3800 nimh era, this seemed like witchcraft. 

Time to clean and get ready for round 2



We are complete

When I decided to get back in to this rc madness again, I did so with the intent of focusing on bashing. 

Bashing means a lot of different things to people. To me bashing means 2 things. Anything other than organized racing. And pushing the limits of your ride. 

But since I’ve been back there has been something missing. Something that has also been part of my definition of bashing. Something missing that I’ve had my entire rc life. 

But I fixed that last night. 

A Traxxas. I haven’t even taken it outside yet, but just looking under the hood at the long familiar set up makes me feel complete. 

Oh the things I am going to do to this poor truck…